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digi uv coater liquid coater

Coating Thickness Variable from 6 to 14Microns
Maximum coating material weight 400gsm
Coating technology UV coating 100% curable, primer coating, water-based liquid coating, Heater
Coater/Curing unit Integrated one unit with concealed conveyor path.
Speed 30 ~ 35 meter per minute
Coating size(width) 17R(17”, 432mm), 20R(20”, 508mm), 24R(24”, 610mm), 36R(36”, 914mm)
Coating varnish Matte, Luster
Power consumption 10 ~ 20Kw
Power Supply 210 ~ 240V, 50/60Hz, Single Phase or 380 ~ 415V, 50/60Hz, Three Phase.
Dimensions(L x W x H mm) 17R(1350 x 780 x 1110), 20R(1350 x 850 x 1110) 24R(1350 x 1030 x 1110),
36R(1620 x 1330 x 1190)
Options Automatic deep pile feeder, Automatic stacker
Auto Feeder Stack Pile Height Max. 650mm
Auto Stacker Pile Height Max.540mm

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